Here’s the deal.  This is a moderated blog and moderation is subjective.  If your comment feels offensive, obnoxious, repetitive, racist, off-topic or unhelpful, it will be deleted or not approved.  Again – This is subjective.  Below are some specific guidelines:

Give both bloggers and other commenters the benefit of the doubt. Think carefully before making comments that could be construed as offensive. Don’t make generalizations about people by where they live or the color of their skin.

Be helpful. When you can, be specific. If you’re going to comment about your child’ experience at a school, please let us know the name of the school and how long ago your experience was.

Be truthful. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you comment and no one agreed with your comment, leave it alone. Do not write another comment pretending to be a different person who agrees with you. 

Be reasonable. Try to stay on topic. Don’t keep repeating the same points.  If you’re going to call everyone racist, OK fine, but don’t do it more than once every few weeks.

We reserve the right to delete comments we find offensive or which violate the other terms described above. If you would like to flag comments as offensive or suggest new topics for conversation, please email us here ( If we miss something that looks offensive to you, or delete something that you think was actually fine, let us know. 

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