Data Sources

A list of places to find school data online.

California Dept of Education - DataQuest 

Look up all kinds of information on an individual school, including test scores by subgroup, enrollment by grade and race/ethnicity, truancy, and so forth.

SFUSD's race/ethnicity data reported to CDE  was wildly inaccurate for new students, including the entering kindergarten class in school year 2012-13. Do not use it.  Data for this class had not been completely fixed by SY 2013-14.  It appears to be mostly accurate for 2014-15. Be skeptical of SFUSD race/ethnicity data for 2012-13, and for 1st grade in 2013-14.

California Department Of Education - Data Files

To see where a school falls within a large group of schools, it's easier to use a spreadsheet of all schools, easily downloaded from California Dept of Education.  Pivot Tables are your friend.

School Enrollment by race/ethnicity, grade and gender.
Do not use 2012-13 race/ethnicity enrollment data for SFUSD, and be skeptical of race/ethnicity data  for the cohort of kindergarteners who started in 2012-13 (first graders in 2013-14, 2nd grade in 2014-15).  

Percent Free and Reduced Lunch by School

CAASSP Testing (Common Core/Smarter Balanced Assessments) 2015 and later

STAR Testing 2013 and earlier
The test results upon which APIs are based.

API Data Files 2013 and earlier
Includes API by race/ethnicity, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and English Learner
Spreadsheet format makes it easy to sort schools from highest-lowest API for a given subgroup.

Private School Data

California Private School Directory - enrollment by grade
Useful for seeing trends, such as the declining enrollment with higher grades for language immersion schools. 

Private School Universe Survey (PSS)
Data files from past surveys:
National survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics every other year.

Demographic information on gender and ethnicity of students by grade, staffing, religious and other affiliations. Also helpful for getting enrollment info for odd-numbered years (2009-10, 2011-12) for schools missing from the CA Private School Directory. Search results are downloadable as a detailed spreadsheet. 

Financial information for PTAs and Private Schools

All nonprofits must file a Form 990 with the IRS every year. Nonprofits with less than $50K in income only file a Form 990-N Postcard stating this fact.  It's easiest to find an organization using their tax ID, or EIN, frequently listed on their fundraising webpage.
Create a login to see the last 3 years of Form 990s.

Slower than Guidestar to get the latest Form 990, but keeps Form 990s well beyond 3 years. Website doesn't work with Chrome.
Can tell you the last time a PTA/PTO filed a Form 990-N (Postcard Form 990), or whether a PTA/PTO's tax exempt status has been revoked or terminated.

Other Useful Tools

Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Useful for searching for a past version of a webpage, such as a private school's "At-A-Glance" page.
You can also use it to save the current version of a webpage that changes annually, using the "Save Page Now" field in the lower right corner.

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