Friday, January 15, 2016

Tips on Independent School Child Interviews?

A reader wrote in to share a stressful experience. Her son who is currently enrolled in a TK went for an admissions interview/playdate at a San Francisco independent school and it did not go well at all. As she describes it, her child did not want to separate from his parents, did not want to participate in the activities and even did some lying on the floor and screaming. The parents were totally surprised and thought they had prepped him well for the assessment (but not too much!) and didn't even think of him as a kid with separation anxiety. Eventually, all calmed down and he left the playdate skipping and happy, but it sounds like a tough day for everyone involved.

They have a few more of these playdates coming up and they are looking for any tips, advice, insights. What do the schools do with a situation like that? Any words of wisdom from folks who have been through this?

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