Thursday, January 8, 2015

Parents, Post Your Lists (and a Few Questions from Readers)

Happy New Year everyone!

The SFUSD application deadline is approaching very quickly: the last day to turn in your form at the EPC for Round 1 is January 16, 2015. Please feel free to post the lists you have already submitted or are planning to submit or in the comments.

We also have a few reader questions that have come in, including:

1) From a reader applying for SFUSD schools, we have a question about language immersion programs. Does anyone know what score one needs to pass the language assessment test and if there are levels above just passing, such as fluent, proficient, etc. Does one have to get a classification of a certain level (say, fluent) in order to be put in the lottery pool for speakers of the target language?

2) We also have reader questions about parochial schools! We haven't seen too many comments about those schools lately, but we know there's perennial interest. Is there anyone who can weigh in on parochial schools, particularly St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Monica?

3) Finally, from a reader in the South Bay, we have a question about any progressive schools in San Jose or nearby. The reader who wrote in has recently moved from another state and writes that her family has found the schools in Bay Area very academic (perhaps too much in the early grades). She has one child in preschool at a private school and all seems to be going well, but for kindergarten this parent is hoping to find a school that might have a better mix of academics and play-based curriculum. Any suggestions for her?

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