Friday, December 26, 2014

Got immersion questions?

Got immersion questions?
Glen Park parent Elizabeth Weise’s book “A Parents Guide to Mandarin Immersion” came out in November. She’s offered to answer parent questions about language immersion in general for those who are considering it for their children. A little information from her:
Hello all. We signed up for SFUSD’s Mandarin immersion program back when it began in 2006. It’s been quite the ride and overall an excellent (if at time bumpy) experience.
My day job is as a reporter (I cover computer security for USA Today) so I couldn’t help myself and started researching and writing about Chinese immersion when we first started out at Starr King. That morphed into a 458-page book, which came out in November.
During the past three years I’ve read dozens of books and academic papers on immersion about multiple languages, visited schools, interviewed parents and attended conferences. The focus for my book was Chinese, but because there was almost nothing available on Chinese immersion, I ended up doing a lot of study about immersion in general.
I’d be happy to answer people’s questions about the science and data on how language immersion works, as well as how it functions in other school districts and schools nationwide.
SFUSD is not alone in creating a network of immersion programs. Los Angeles has a ton and Utah has become the national leader, creating a state-wide program that includes Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Portuguese.

Good luck to everyone pondering their Kinder choices. I turned in my oldest’s high school form last week!

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