Thursday, April 10, 2014

Breaking News! New Transitional Kindergarten Program Announced For Flynn

We heard from Parents for Public Schools and some other nice folks about an exciting new development: a new TK program being started at Leonard Flynn Elementary School.  The announcement from SFUSD is below. We are assuming this is a General Education, not Spanish immersion, Transitional Kindergarten, but if anyone out there has any more info, please let us know.

Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School will be adding a Transitional Kindergarten class to begin in August for the 2014-15 school year.  Flynn is located at 3125 Cesar Chavez St.
If your child is eligible for the TK program, you may submit a Round 2 application for the May Placement Period.  The April 11 deadline has been extended for one week to April 18 for TK applicants only.
If you have already received a TK assignment or have already submitted a Round 2 amended form, you may still add Flynn onto your list of choices by submitting a revised Amended Choice Form which will replace your previous form by April 18. You may come and talk to a placement counselor at the Educational Placement Center at 555 Franklin Street for more information.

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