Monday, March 3, 2014

Parent Request: Advice on Possibly Repeating Kindergarten?

Hi folks. Once again, a parent has written in with a dilemma. Let's see if we can help, shall we? 

Last year, applying for kindergarten, the mom who has written in felt that several of San Francisco's all-girls schools might be a good fit for her daughter, who can be a bit shy and get intimidated easily. The daughter (we'll call her Mabel) has a late summer birthday, and ended up on the waitlist for two single-sex independent schools. At the same time, Mabel was assigned to a well-regarded SFUSD neighborhood school, and her parents sent her there for kindergarten. It sounds like kindergarten has gone pretty well and Mabel has done great, but Mabel's mom still thinks single-sex education could be a great fit for her daughter long-termHere's the rub: the schools would want Mabel to repeat kindergarten. Mabel's parents are wondering if she might be bored or develop some issues if she spends all of next year relearning things that she's already covered this year. What say you, parents? And as long as we're at it, are there any parents willing to share their recent experiences with Hamlin and Burke's? 

Thanks much!

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