Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Live Oak Almost Doubling In Size?

It can be stressful for parents this time of year as some wait for the SFUSD lottery results and others for admissions decisions from the independent schools (and some for both). But this year at least we hear some interesting news on one front: Starting in Fall 2014, Live Oak School is apparently beginning an effort to almost double in size, moving from its current model of one class in the early grades and two classes in the middle school to an expansion that will include two classes each for the early grades and three classes each for grades 6-8. This will surely open up some spots for families interested in Live Oak (or indirectly, other independent schools) and, according to a letter from Live Oak School, provide for a stronger financial position for Like Oak itself.

What else have you heard? Any other developments out there? Good luck to everyone waiting!!

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