Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

We did it.  We have officially submitted our SFUSD kindergarten application.  I have a full blog post in my head on our school choice strategy that I will be posting later in the month.  I actually submitted our application on 12/31/13 in hopes that 2014 will be more stress free. I find this process in may ways cruel and unusual -- and I now fully understand why so many people simply leave the City when it comes time to enter kindergarten.  There were many times when reviewing schools online turned into a search of house costs in neighboring suburbs.

We were however impressed overall with many of the schools we visited and could see there appeal.  We never found the holy grail of our full wish list in a single SFUSD school, but we found many that hits most most of our must-haves.

So now we wait, wonder if we ranked our schools in the right order, and hope to hit a jackpot.  I wish everyone peace as they finalize their rankings and submit their applications.

PS:  Remember to try and submit your forms early to avoid the crunch at the Educational Placement Center.  There was no line at all when I went, but I can easily imagine the waiting rooms filled to capacity in the coming weeks!

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