Sunday, December 15, 2013

Private School Questions and an Opening in First Grade

We haven't had too many bloggers reporting on private school visits this year, but I think we may hear more about some visits down the road (possibly after applications are in or decisions are made). We have had some parents write in with a request to learn more about a few private and independent schools, though, so we wanted to throw it open to comments. Is there anyone out there who wants to talk about their experience at the Katherine Michiels School? Or even just their impressions from touring? We've had some inquiries. There's also interest in learning more about some newer schools, including Brightworks and Alt School. Many thanks in advance!

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Schoolhouse has written in to let folks know they have an open spot in 1st grade. Here's their blurb: 
This is a unique opportunity to join a wonderful, growing community. Our child/teacher ratio is 10/1, with an engaging, hands-on, progressive curriculum and affordable tuition. Our 1st grade teacher has over 30 years experience. Find out more at, or to set up a parent-led tour, email

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