Friday, October 11, 2013

SF Unified and Public Preschool / TK Tie Breaker Information

I called San Francisco Unified today. After reading some comments here I decided I wanted an answer about what sort of preference or tie breaker attending my local Pre K or TK might afford us in the Kindergarten year. As I mentioned before we can choose to stay at our public preschool or we can go to a public TK next year - so this is a very real question with potential ramifications for our Kindergarten search.
The Early Education Group, as expected, couldn't answer a question about preference at the Elementary level as it is outside of their area, so I called the Elementary group. I left a message and a very helpful person called me back. Unfortunately she seemed to think that going to a public pre K gave me a high tie breaker preference at any city wide program, but not at my local attendance area school.  This is fantastic news - Lillenthal or CIS De Avila here we come!!

However, I'm not sure it's actually true.  When I asked her for more specifics she forwarded me to someone else and I left them a message. If I learn anything I'll post it here!

SFUSD- please post the answer to our questions!

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