Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RedSF: New Blogger

Like many things that come as a surprise when you have a children, I did not know that I would be taking (what feels like) a second full-time job touring SFUSD schools. For better or worse, I have.

Thus far, I've visited six schools and I have a few more to go. Since I'm out there gathering all this knowledge I figured I'd do my best to share it with others and hopefully save you the trekking.

 My daughter will start Kindergarten next year and we are only looking at public schools. The discussion(s) my husband & I had that lead to this can be saved for another blog post!
 We live in the northern part of the city but are renters and we are willing to move. We'd also like Spanish Immersion but are checking out non-spanish immersion so we have a comparison point.

Thus far, I've toured:

  • Sherman 
  • Paul Revere 
  • Peabody 
  • Monroe 
  • Buena Vista / Horace Mann 
  • Fairmount 
  • Alvarado 

 I'm hoping to find a school with improving test scores, a ton of parental involvement, school spirit, an arts program, an after-care program and racial diversity, ie not one dominant ethnicity (65-70% or more).

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