Monday, August 12, 2013

Comments are now Newest First

I know, it's crazy.  Comments will now show newest to oldest.  I think it will take our brains some time to get used to it but hopefully over time it will help readers follow - especially when the comment list gets long.

We have also integrated with Disqus.  We encourage you to create a Disqus profile - Even it it's a pseudonym, whereby you can interact with the community, while still keeping your anonymity.  You can also use your G+, Facebook or Twitter identity to post.  Over time, this will help us get back to real-time commenting and greatly improve the quality of comments.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to LOTS of movement as we head into the 10-day count for SFUSD and the start of private and parochial school.


  1. I was at EPC today and there were a few schools with openings: Lau, El Dorado, Malcolm X, Longfellow, Harte, Cobb. Notably Cobb and Malcolm X had opened up since last week. They said that there really won't be any movement until after school starts. They're doing a 3 day count, where a kid will lose his/her spot if they're not there for the first three days. Per PPS, the next two days or so the info will trickle to the main office and there will start to be movement the Monday after school starts. It's kind of like a chain reaction where one kid gets pulled into their waitlist school, a spot opens up at that school and another kid gets pulled to that school, etc. Per both EPC and PPS, there is likely not going to be movement this week. I moved here too late for most of the lottery runs so I'm making a large number of trips to EPC!

  2. Love the addition of Disqus and other profiles. I really think it will cut down on the ranting and squabbling. This can be a great resource for everyone and I appreciate the effort.

  3. Thank you for your support!