Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SFUSD Application Due Today!

If you haven't done so already, please go to 555 Franklin *TODAY* to drop off you round I application!


  1. I am at EPC right now. It's a full house but they are doing a good job moving the crowds in and out. Be sure to turn in your round I application today!

  2. Totally off subject, but I had to put in a comment about the new lunch provider, Revolution Foods. SFUSD hit a homerun with this new provider. The lunches are much fresher and healthier, and the kids seem to love them! My two picky eaters now don't want home lunch anymore -- they only want school lunch. Great move, SFUSD!

    1. Mine are eating it too! (and this is the first time in four years we've gotten school lunch). This has made mornings so much better (especially for those of us at 7:50 start-time schools

  3. I really love the program, but it is not great for kids with nut allergies. Despite SFUSD policy to the contrary, Revolution Foods is serving baked goods that have been processed with nuts. Very disappointing for my family.

  4. Because of this program, I won't have to stress about my children's lunch anymore. They're fussy eaters, but I'm glad I'd be sure they're eating healthy in school now.