Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lazy Tiger Mom's List

As the touring "season" has gone by my lazy tendencies have kicked in. We toured 8 schools in October, 5 in November, and my husband did 2 solo in December.  The schools seem a bit of a blur, and if anything, the tours are more good discussion points with my husband.  So... it's a a relief to be near the end.

  • Clarendon JPPC
  • Clarendon GE
  • Miraloma
  • West Portal GE
  • West Portal CI
  • Sloat
  • Rooftop
  • Alvarado SI
  • Sunnyside
  • Alvarado GE
  • Glen Park (our neighborhood school)
  • Monroe

(The next 5 are mainly for swap-value. We like the schools, they're just somewhat inconvenient.)

  • Alice Fong Yu
  • Lawton
  • Grattan
  • Lilienthal
  • Sunset

We've also applied to Thomas Edison Charter Academy and Alta Vista.

Any comments and perspectives are much appreciated!


  1. Can you give any insights on your list? What did you like about the schools which are in your top 5?

  2. I agree about things blurring together. And I have three more tours in January! Your list looks almost identical to mine (we live in Bernal) but I haven't considered Monroe... Should I?

  3. Our primary consideration was schools that were nearby and tops in both parent participation (volunteering and fundraising) as well as test scores.

    We liked Monroe. Nice grounds, wonderful murals everywhere, great diversity. Especially for the Spanish immersion.

  4. For those living in Bernal, Alice Fong Yu has a bus stop at J. Serra.

  5. that list is pretty close to ours. what is your neighborhood school? wondering if listing that first is the way to go if we like it (ours is miraloma)

  6. If you are in Miraloma and want Miraloma, I would put it first. You have preference for Miraloma and it is a highly requested school. You have no preference at Clarendon GE.

  7. Belay that. There is no advantage to putting something first, it doesn't affect your chances of getting into that school.

    The advice to put your actual choices in the order you actually want them always holds. In this case your preference for Miraloma might help you get a tentative assignment there, regardless of whether it's your first or 15th choice.

    If Clarendon is your top choice, and you don't get, you'll keep your slot at Miraloma, and if it's your highest tentative assignment, it will be finalized and you'll get an offer there.

    If you do get in, great, you got your top choice. Done and done.

    I have seen several anecdotal accounts this year that imply there is something special about listing something first. There isn't. Order only matters when the system decides what of several tentative assignments you keep. It does NOT affect your chances of getting those assignments in the first place.