Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kindergarten to College Program

Last night I learned about the Kindergarten to College Program.

The City and County of San Francisco Kindergarten to College program wants to give your kindergartner a college savings account containing its first $50 deposit.

Beginning Fall 2012, every kindergartener entering an SFUSD elementary school is eligible to participate.

I had no idea about this seemingly cool program (I havent read fine print).

It seems like you will receive something in the mail once your child is enrolled in kindergarten. As a not-yet-enrolled parent, this was the first I heard about this.


  1. You're not the only one. We have our kindergartner signed up this year. They send it all to you from sfusd.

  2. the paperwork requires a great deal of personal information about the parents and the student. we decided to pass.

  3. Our public charter school TECA is included in the program for the first time this year (ye!), and I'm blowing the horn for every family to sign up. So far, I've had enthusiastic responses.

    Free $50, plus another $100 if I contribute $100 PLUS another $50 if I'm eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch (as many of us are)? Yeah, I'll give away a little bit of personal information that can already EASILY be found on Ye Olde Internet, in order to get that. Heck, I'll do it just so they send me mail that my kid can open and see that someone other than his parents thinks its important for him to save & go to college.

    @7:40pm - it's no more data than SFUSD already has on your family/child. If you have ever paid taxes in SF, you should register & enjoy a little bit of your tax dollars at work. Privacy, schmivacy.