Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spring Transfer - Availability at Daniel Webster

A note from our friends at Daniel Webster.....

Unhappy with your current school for any reason?  Think a
Spanish-immersion or general education program at a small, sunny
school in Potrero Hill might be right for you?  Now is the time to 
tour alternative schools:  the deadline to submit a Spring Transfer
request to SFUSD is November 21st.  Due to clerical errors at EPC this
fall, we have some spaces available for families seeking to transfer
this January.

Daniel Webster Elementary School, located in Potreo Hill, offers:

-Two choices of programs:  SI or GE, each with a strong teaching staff
that includes both highly-experienced teachers and young, enthusiastic
teachers from top universities

-A diverse community with an emphasis on learning *together*

-Fantastic and fun enrichment programs including weekly art, drama,
garden, library, PE and Playworks at every grade level, as well as
instrumental music and dance in the upper grades

-An active, vibrant PTA that raised over $100,000 dollars last year

Think you might be interested?  Come take a tour on November 13th at 9
a.m. We'll tell you about our school and can even help you navigate
the transfer application process if you decide to pursue it.

To RSVP for the tour or for additional information, email leila AT
hypnagogica DOT com.

Thanks and good luck in school,
Leila & the Daniel Webster community


  1. Sounds like a great school and a great idea to reach out for folks looking for a transfer.

    That said, the phrase "young enthusiastic teachers from top universities" strikes me as a bit odd. There are lots of enthusiastic older teachers who didn't go to "top universities." And sometimes they come with a bit more life and teaching experience (maybe even more experience being a parent).

  2. I think that's code for "Teach for America." Pros and cons to that.

  3. What were the clerical errors made by the EPC? A parent at CIS at DeAvila also referred to an EPC error that resulted in CIS getting an extra kindergarten class this year.

  4. like epc would every explain themselves!