Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elementary School Video Tours!

My husband and I have been thinking about expanding our original school tour list to see if there are any other schools we need to look into. As we were doing some website research we stumbled onto these two videos that I have found helpful in deciding whether or not to sign-up for a school tour... I thought I should share them since the schools obviously spent some time making these.

Fairmount Elementary School Video

Starr King Elementary School Video Tour

Are there other elementary school videos we should check out?


  1. Here's a video from a few years back

  2. Miraloma Elementary provides virtual tours on their website, which is a great alternative if you don’t have the time, transportation, or energy to drive around to tour individual schools. In total, there are 23 videos, ranging in topics from a day in kindergarten to the schoolyards, the LGBT community, and chickens in the garden. You can watch the videos on your computer or download podcasts to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch --

  3. Oops. I wanted to check out the Fairmount Video Tour one more time (because I went on a tour this week and LOVED the school!) and realized I linked the wrong video above. I am about to fix it, but you can find it right here:

  4. FYi, this school is literally located RIGHT NEXT to the projects in Potereo Hill.

  5. So what. When I went to Columbia University in the 1980s, that part of the way upper west side was a hellhole.