Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bernal visits Starr King

There is already a great Starr King review on here so I will just add a couple things to that:

Starr King is a Prop A school meaning that they will be receiving a major (much needed) makeover. Plans exist and bungalows will be placed in April, 2013. The whole school will get an uplift and there will be a new wing which will include a new library and offices.  The entry way will also be redone so that everyone will enter on Coral Street (side street). The principal talked about creating a 'safe point of entry' through a gate and then opening to the school office.  As part of the Prop A reonvations a major greening redo will occur. The large, looming asphalt will be torn up and in the principal's words the new playground will be a "demo site for the new types of playground". When i asked what he meant he suggested I look at playgrounds from Germany and he joked that school playgrounds were and are built to keep insurance people happy. (I just googled "germany playgrounds" and they did look pretty cool). He estiamted the complete project taking about 18 months and said that dust would definitely be a major factor while this was going on. The principal also said that they found out they are sitting on serpentine which is a form of natural asbestos and this was going to have to be dealt with when remaking the playground.

The 3-5th grades were on a filed trip to the symphony so we could not see them in action.

I also asked for clarification about AM drop off and was told that from 8-8:20 kids were in the cafeteria and then from 8:20 - 8:40 it was in the yard supervised by PlayWorks.

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