Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall 2012 - Still Movement

If you are still looking for a change in placement for this year, you might want to go to the EPC today to understand available spots.  This is from the comments, 

"If you're looking for grades higher than first, I'd say you should go to the EPC asap. We didn't get our waitpool school but the school we almost waitpooled had a spot available and we accepted it on the spot. We're still a bit in shock about it. Our child will start there on Tuesday."


  1. we got THE call at 10:50am today. We are still in shock. Please stay confident and keep trying. So far, we played the lottery 4 years and 4 times we got something we were happy with, including this trophy spot.

    I'm only sad by the way EPC handles the transfers. In theory, you get the call, you should pull your kid in the hour, register him in the hour and he starts the following day. A bit brutal with no opportunity to meet the teacher, get a supplies list or anything. Oh well, we got the spot - securing the next 4 years of education. It's all worth it.

  2. This from last week:
    Starr King has five 1st grade Mandarin immersion seats wide open right now and
    EPC has released them.
    That should mean that anyone who wants to can march down to EPC and sign their
    kid up.
    First graders DO NOT have to know ANY Mandarin coming in. My daughter came in to
    Starr King at 1st grade and did fine. Yours can too.
    If it seems daunting, it's not that bad. There are tutors we can hook you up
    with if you feel the need to catch up, lots of parent support. And it's a great
    parent community and school. I know it feels late to make a move, but hey, it's
    EARLY considering that you'll have five full years of Mandarin immersion AND a
    sure slot at Aptos middle school afterwards.
    Feel free to contact me if you have questions.