Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daniel Webster

Update:   The committee sent the district staff back to the drawing board!  The 9/11 meeting is cancelled for now.  Hopefully Daniel Webster is a step closer to becoming a PreK-8 school!  

I ran into a fellow parent from my younger child's preschool and asked how it was going at Daniel Webster.  I sat and listened to her passion, her advocacy and her true love of the school and its community (after only being there one year).  I was so impressed and so stirred by the work of these parents.  If you haven't heard about the history of Daniel Webster, SFGate has a great recap here and from prefund itself here.

Daniel Webster was at a crossroads when it was slated for closure and the Potrero Hill community came together to keep the school open, establish a Spanish Immersion program and create a Spanish bilingual preschool.  Daniel Webster is again at a crossroads as its community deals with its middle school feeder assignment to International Studies Academy at Enola Maxwell campus (grades 6-12 and the only immersion strand).

This community, however, is resilient and innovative.  I learned this week that the community has been pushing to convert Daniel Webster from a K-5 to a K-8, utilizing the space of the Enola Maxwell campus.  What?  Did you say there is a possibility of another Spanish Immersion K-8 on the Southeast side???  We have all seen what happened to Buena Vista once they converted to K-8.  Buena Vista is now the most popular SI program in the city.

This is far from a done deal and the DW community needs your support - specifically at 555 Franklin on:

Tuesday, 9/11 at 6pm - Full BOE Meeting when they will vote on the Student Assignment change

Parents of 2013 Kinders - This school is one to watch.  And if you want to be inspired by what a few neighborhood parents can do when they come together to make the world a better place, join the meeting on 9/11 and see for yourself!

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