Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall 2012 - Still Movement

If you are still looking for a change in placement for this year, you might want to go to the EPC today to understand available spots.  This is from the comments, 

"If you're looking for grades higher than first, I'd say you should go to the EPC asap. We didn't get our waitpool school but the school we almost waitpooled had a spot available and we accepted it on the spot. We're still a bit in shock about it. Our child will start there on Tuesday."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daniel Webster

Update:   The committee sent the district staff back to the drawing board!  The 9/11 meeting is cancelled for now.  Hopefully Daniel Webster is a step closer to becoming a PreK-8 school!  

I ran into a fellow parent from my younger child's preschool and asked how it was going at Daniel Webster.  I sat and listened to her passion, her advocacy and her true love of the school and its community (after only being there one year).  I was so impressed and so stirred by the work of these parents.  If you haven't heard about the history of Daniel Webster, SFGate has a great recap here and from prefund itself here.

Daniel Webster was at a crossroads when it was slated for closure and the Potrero Hill community came together to keep the school open, establish a Spanish Immersion program and create a Spanish bilingual preschool.  Daniel Webster is again at a crossroads as its community deals with its middle school feeder assignment to International Studies Academy at Enola Maxwell campus (grades 6-12 and the only immersion strand).

This community, however, is resilient and innovative.  I learned this week that the community has been pushing to convert Daniel Webster from a K-5 to a K-8, utilizing the space of the Enola Maxwell campus.  What?  Did you say there is a possibility of another Spanish Immersion K-8 on the Southeast side???  We have all seen what happened to Buena Vista once they converted to K-8.  Buena Vista is now the most popular SI program in the city.

This is far from a done deal and the DW community needs your support - specifically at 555 Franklin on:

Tuesday, 9/11 at 6pm - Full BOE Meeting when they will vote on the Student Assignment change

Parents of 2013 Kinders - This school is one to watch.  And if you want to be inspired by what a few neighborhood parents can do when they come together to make the world a better place, join the meeting on 9/11 and see for yourself!

Friday, August 24, 2012

K Files is Back! What happened with the wait pool??

We'll provide more details in the coming weeks but happily K Files is Back!

I heard from EPC that they did a 3 day count this year.  On Thursday, I understand that they did a computer run and came-up with their call list, making calls Thursday and Friday.  Transfers are automatic; meaning the family does not get to choose whether or not to accept the transfer.  Did anyone get a call?  Anyone still waiting for a spot?