Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Children, Our Future Ballot Initiative this November

As you may be aware, there are three ballot initiatives being proposed for this
November to increase tax revenue for the state of CA.

The California PTA has endorsed the initiative named "Our Children, Our Future".
The press often refers to this initiative as the "Molly Munger" initiative.

The initiative's website has a tool that shows the amount of additional money
each school will receive if the initiative is passed by 50%+ of the California

Alvarado would receive approximately an additional $449,000 in school year
'12-'13. That amount would grow to approximately an additional $781,000 in
school year '17-'18 and peak at an additional $1,057,000 in school year '23-'24.

Check to see what your children's school would receive at:

I am helping organize signature gathering for this initiative. If you are
interested in assisting or have any questions about this or the other 2
initiatives, feel free to email or call me at 415-401-0625.


Todd David

PS More information about Our Children, Our Future can be found at