Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why the blog is dead, I think

Right now, the blog is set so only reviewers can post. I used to review under this name, so I can still post under it. But I can't post under my usual Gmail name.

Kate, are you out there? Can you set it so that people can comment, if not anonymously, with a "handle?" Otherwise, there's no real way to use the blog.


  1. Hi Marcia,

    I believe Kate was just needing a break from the volatile tone this blog took. I really wish there was a place we discuss the process without the mess. I think Kate may be killing the blog.

    I other news, I'm about to apply. Still haven't decided on my running order but my list of schools are:

    Junipero Serra
    Harvey Milk

    I'm going to round out this list so I have as many schools on my list that I like and are feasibly attainable.

  2. Hi Lola,
    I intend to apply next week. Our list is below in no particular order. Our choices favor smaller schools, and Middle school feeders were also a factor.
    Sanchez - I love this school and am excited about their FLES program. 7:50 start time might be an issue though.
    Harvey Milk - really like the small school size, parent involvement, great start time for us.
    McKinley - We didn't tour McKinley yet but hear that it is best suited to our son as a small gentle school. Start time 7:50 might be an issue here too.
    We will add Daniel Webster our assignment area school as well but not as our first choice, other schools are closer and easier to get to.
    Not a long list and we have 2 schools in common.
    I think McKinley is a long shot for us, also Harvey Milk might be.
    Good luck to you and Jo in the first round. Thanks for sharing your choices.

  3. Well apparently the people who run this blog are so in favor of the failed status quo which has made zero dent in the achievement gap, which has AA kids in 12th grade reading at the level of whites in 8th grade and thinks you can solve it by forcing westsiders to drive 4 miles away and having no certainty and spending more money at 555 Franklin than at the kids' schools, that it was completely acceptable behavior for elected officials to knowingly lie. Now please note, these officials when offered a $1,000 bet, declined to take a lie detector test.

    In this mindset of those on this board, if you knowingly and premeditatedly lie, you are OK, but if you call elected officials on this immoral behavior, you are engaging in unacceptable behavior as a troll.

    In my view, premeditated lies are bad and it is our moral duty as citizens to call elected officials on it. Anyone who puts an intentional lie in a voter pamphlett should be ashamed of themselves. And if they want to claim they didn't do so, they can make an easy $1,000 cash any time.