Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Grattan Tour This Friday 12/16

I was just asked by a Grattan parent to let the K Files community know that Grattan Elementary will not hold its regularly scheduled tour this Friday 12/16.

Tours will resume after winter break.  Check Grattan's website for more  details.


  1. Hi, folks, can I once again express my concern that requiring registration is simply kililng this blog? We have seen hardly any informative messages since the registration requirement was reinstated November 18th.

  2. The reason is that only "team members" can comment -- apparently that's only people writing reviews, or something.

  3. Or maybe it's people who have written reviews. I had to dig up my old Marcia account to even write this comment.

    So the blog is dead because almost nobody can post, not because nobody will.