Monday, December 12, 2011


Sorry I haven't been posting. With work, family, and the holidays, it's been crazy. I've actually had to cancel a couple of tours due to last minute work stuff. Ok, enough about my excuses. I still have a few more schools to tours before applications are due next month.

As I mentioned before I've visited all our our parochial schools, and we have decided to apply to St. Finn Barr. It was our favorite parochial. The principal is energetic and the school has a lot to offer like spanish daily, small community feel, and science lab with dedicated science teacher.

For public I visited Rooftop, Alvarado and Glen Park. I'll start with Rooftop and Alvarado, and there isn't much more for me to add that hasn't already been said. Both of these schools have a huge dedicated PTAs that raise a lot of money, and therefor are able to fund enrichment programs like art, gardening, sensory classes, and the list goes on. You could tell through the tours that parents are involved. I was also impressed by both principals- they were professional, smart, and really were dedicated to the school. Now, our chances of getting into either of these schools are slim to none.

Glen park is our neighborhood school. I went to see Rooftop first and then Glen Park. So at first it was a different experience. Rooftop probably had more like 100 people, and Glen Park had 10. Glen Park tour wasn't as organized, so I was a bit disappointed at first, but got past that. The principal is "old school" as other have mentioned, but she is dedicated to her school. There is a small PTO, that has been focused on community building. This year their goal is raise $35K to support Playworks. No, they don't have all the enrichment programs that other schools offer. But, I think (or hope) they eventually will with a growing PTO that can help support these programs. They did get a grant to "green" the school, but I didn't get more information on the plans or when the greening will begin. Other pluses- recent remodel, trips to the canyon, and no junk food policy.

I will write up a more details over the next few days on Glen Park, and post under the school files. But, I liked Glen Park, and would think our son would be happy and safe there. In some ways I want to be part of building our neighborhood school.

If you have any specif questions, please let me know.

Happy Holidays.


  1. would love to see your extra information about Glen Park. We are looking for a school with special ed for our son and it has been recommended. Thank you!

  2. Since this post was written, Glen Park has a new principal - the same principal that turned Gratten around 10 years ago and made it one of the most requested schools. We toured Glen Park in December and liked it a lot. They still have a ways to go in terms of parent involvement and fundraising but it seems like the bones are good and it could really be a great school.

    The principal did talk about the special ed program and seems very enthusiastic about supporting it and giving all students a chance to intermingle whenever possible so that the special ed kids would spend time with the gen ed program and the gen ed kids would be able to appreciate the special ed kids. It really seemed like something she had a special focus on.

    I also recently learned that a special needs child that used to go to our child's daycare has since gone on to GP and seems to be happy there.