Friday, November 4, 2011

St. Finn Barr and St. Paul's Tour Notes

Hello there,

I've now toured all the parochial schools on my list. I have one more private school to tour, and then all my public schools on my list.

Here are my recent tour notes:

St. Finn Barr

St. Paul's

If you missed it, notes on St. Philips

Overall I was impressed with St. Paul's and St. Finn Barr. Both had very diverse student bodies, and catholic/non-catholic families attending. Another interesting note is both of these schools have new principals.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions or comments. Also, if you are parent of any of these schools, please feel free to elaborate or provide your input on your experience.

Have nice weekend.


  1. Hi Jo,
    It looks like you've been on tour :) ...Thanks for posting your notes. Please keep the reviews coming. They are helpful.

  2. Great job. The parochials & other religious schools(e.g. West Portal Lutheran) are often overlooked as alternatives/Plan B in favor of the publics and the independent privates.

    The parochials do a great job in their community and for a price point well below the independents.

  3. I've heard great things about St. Peter's in the Mission, also. It has a great reputation in the Hispanic community and is supposedly very rigorous.

    St. Anthony's in Bernal was, at least as of three years ago, had space for more students, as did St. James. Don't know about St. Charles' or St. John's.

    On the parochials, I always thought (because of the demographics) that the SE was short of school capacity all round (public and private). But in the last two years both Corpus Christi and St. Elizabeth's in the Excelsior and Portola closed because of falling enrollment. I wonder if it's an effect of more parents opting for publics given the shift in attitudes in SF regarding publics and the tough economy.

  4. have sing the praises of St. Finn Barr. Moved our son there after a difficult 6th grade year in a public middle school. Everyone is so kind, and the teachers are great. Check out the science lab -- my kid has done more and better science in two months than he has done in the last four years. A great community there. I wish we had enrolled our son sooner!