Monday, November 7, 2011

Carlos Garcia and SFUSD Afraid to Ask the Obvious Questions

The new 2012-2013 SFUSD application form is now available (download here). I was befuddled by Item 9 Parent Survey, which asks parents to rate 15 items on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of importance (5 being “Very Important”). The 15 items include the following: attend school with sibling, attend after school program at school, language pathway, special education services, school bus transportation, near home, near childcare, near work, school hours, diversity of students, neighborhood safety, school’s academic reputation, teachers and principal, parent community, and recommendation by family/friends. SFUSD claims that they are soliciting this feedback to get “a better understanding of what is important to families.”

Now, anyone who was involved with the Middle School Feeder community forums and the Quality Middle School initiative last year knows that “Honors/AP classes,” “Uniform elective offerings (band, orchestra, art, drama, etc),” and “GATE programs and activities” were among the top rated items that were identified as “very important” to prospective middle school families.

Carlos Garcia and SFUSD don’t REALLY care about what is important to us. If they did, they would have included these obvious items in their survey. I hope that SFUSD will add these items to the 2012-2013 application form to demonstrate that they really care about our opinions.

- Donna


  1. Gee, Donna, you're taking a page from my playbook. Well done!

  2. Through the shoving through of the middle school feeder plan, SFUSD shows it's utter lack of understanding of how middle school is different than elementary school.

    You are correct in this - had SFUSD run this by any middle, or high school, parents & students as a check beforehand, this would have been pointed out.

    SFUSD simply cannot see things they way students or families do on the ground.

    Instead of a feeder plan (which no one was clamoring for) we need a serious quality middle school plan with action against it. Carlos Garcia said numerous times in his first honeymoon year that SFUSD "does middle school badly" - yet under his watch, there has been no movement or study in this area.

    The same tired, unimaginative, bureaucrats are running things - I quit SFUSD after working hard as a middle school PTA and SSC parent, and long time public school advocate. I've lost faith that SFUSD administration has any clue how to proceed.

    I give up on them.

  3. You can't give up on public education, civil society and children. Hang in there. We can remove the Board and then the Superintendent. There is no choice. Going private won't solve these problems.

  4. Donna, Why are you referring to Mr. Garcia as Senor Garcia? Is this some kind of dig at him because he is of Hispanic heritage? Knock it off, it is offensive.

  5. They obviously want to make all the survey questions applicable to all parents, not just those enrolling for middle school.

  6. Why does it say you have to see an EPC counselor to list more than 10 schools?


    disregard question's the form for extra schools.

  8. Yeah, the SeƱor thing is offensive --
    right out of Don's playbook!