Monday, August 15, 2011

Wanted: Bloggers for this year's school search

The SF K Files is a place for parents to trade information about all schools in San Francisco, yet the heart of the site has always been the stories shared by local parents in the midst of the kindergarten search. This is how the site first got started when I shared my experiences with touring both private and public schools in 2007 and 2008 (read the full series here).

Last year several bloggers shared their notes from school tours and the tough decisions they had to make when creating their lists of favorite schools. I'm hoping we can find a few new contributors who are starting the school search this fall. It would also be great to get help with moderating comments. As always, the SF K Files goes to great lengths to keep bloggers fully anonymous.

If you're interested, please email


  1. You need new bloggers because some of last year's bloggers gave up on SFUSD and the school assignment process and left the City.

  2. Did all of last year's bloggers get a K spot of their liking? i can't remember. One got Lawton first round. Did one move? What about the other? I got all those code names mixed up, Seattle, Asia, etc.