Friday, June 3, 2011

Comments: registration is back on

The comments have gotten out of hand on The SF K Files yet again. It's disappointing that our community is unable to engage in respectful, thoughtful debate. We have entirely removed one thread filled with inappropriate comments. We appreciate readers emailing the SF K Files about inappropriate comments. In the future when you feel that a comment is abusive and should be deleted please include a link to the thread and the time of the comment. You can send emails to

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  1. Totally agreed with you, Kate. As a trial attorney, I have been quite familiar with the adversary, even hostility, of opposing parties. Yet, I was absolutely appalled upon reading highly imflammatory posts such as "I'll shoot you in the back!" or "Is such and such a pedophile?" That was highly unacceptable and I really wished those posters understood the serious legal implications of their statements.