Saturday, May 7, 2011

PAC and PPS Present Middle School Recommendations to BOE on May 9

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and Parents for Public Schools (PPS) will present their findings and recommendations on Quality Middle Schools & the K-8 Feeder Proposal to the SFUSD Board of Education Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment. Public comment welcome! Here are the details.

NOTICE AND AGENDA: Monday, May 9, 2011, at 6:00 PM

The meeting will be held in the Irving G. Breyer Board Meeting Room, 555 Franklin Street, First Floor, San Francisco, CA.


1. Informational Updates

a. Transportation for 2011-12

b. Attendance Area Boundaries

c. Monitoring Student Assignment

d. Quality Middle Schools -

i. Parent Advisory Council and Parents for Public Schools

ii. Staff Update

2. Board Discussion

3. Public Comment

Members of the public may address the Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Committee but which do not appear on the Agenda. Speakers shall address their remarks to the Committee as a whole and not to individual Board Members or District staff. There shall be no discussion of public comment with the exception of clarifying questions and/or referral of the issue to staff. Call ahead (241-6427) to reserve a spot and prepare to speak for 1 minute.

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