Friday, May 6, 2011

New Blog on Inclusive Education in San Francisco

Those who have been following my middle school journey for my 5th grade child ("No. 1") know that my 4th grade child ("No. 2") has an IEP for Special Ed services. I just learned of a wonderful new blog: Inclusive Schools in SF & Beyond. Some recent topics include How do Inclusion families choose schools? and the 5-3-11 Board of Ed Meeting on Inclusion. Also, the blog provides links to useful local, state, and national organizations and information.

This is what the blog originator, Catherine, writes about her blog: "This blog was born out of my work on San Francisco Inclusive Schools Week and ongoing advocacy work for inclusive education (not to mention the world at large)…inspired by a very charismatic youngster and his peers. Please feel free to be in touch to share resources and connections."

- Donna


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this, Donna. My kids are not in SPED or Inclusion, but I have observed that one of the biggest issues for parents is isolation--from information, how to navigate the system, how to advocate. Hopefully this sharing of information will help.

  2. Thank you - Donna & The SF K Files - for supporting inclusive schools!

  3. Sounds great! Thanks for posting. Where else do kids learn social skills but in a social situations, so that is great news. My son is not in special education, but I am wondering how all included students will get served the appropriate amount, right times, in specific academics?? Ideas?

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