Friday, March 25, 2011

Come check out Daniel Webster!

This from a reader:
Congratulations to everyone who got what they wanted out of the school lottery this year, and very best of luck to those who are going to be trying again.

Last year our family made the decision to send our daughter to the Daniel Webster Elementary GE program. We listed it first and we got in.

We are one of the 'fortunate few', a highly educated family living in CITP1, but after touring extensively we decided not to use our 'golden ticket' and apply for a high API score school. We decided instead to be part of the community that will turn Daniel Webster into one of those schools.

Daniel Webster was recognized last year for a 13% rise in test scores, so it is already going in the right direction. The PTA is getting stronger and has increased its fund raising ability year after year.

If you have been assigned to Daniel Webster GE and are questioning whether to enroll or not or have an interest in applying to the program in round 2, please do get in touch with me at

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