Friday, February 4, 2011

You now have to register to comment on The SF K Files

Comments have gotten out of hand on the SF K Files over the past few days, and so Open ID registration will be temporarily required to comment on the site. You can use an alias if you prefer to remain anonymous. Registration still isn't required to comment in the community forum. If you notice any hateful, inappropriate comments on the site please email with the thread title and comment time.


  1. And hopefully you will decide to require it on a permanent basis.

  2. Yep, I'm voting for registration. Except it doesn't seem to stop susanschneider1977 from spewing hateful racist comments. But at least she's now accountable!

  3. Registration has cut down considerably on the accusations, though not entirely. At least we are not being bored to death with endlessly repetitive and accusatory posts. The average person can tell the difference between a person who is vengeful and vindictive and one with a legitimate gripe.

  4. Continuing from the SockPuppets R EZ post about the blog being over run with sockpuppets....

    Unless I am missing something invisible on the last thread, I see only one post from a tina and one from a cotsby, the ones you mentioned as evidence of the blog being overrun. Given that everyone has to sign in now it would not be unusual to have new names appear. That they support one view or another doesn't make them sockpuppets. Granted it also does not NOT make them sockpuppets.

    Registration is a good thing for this blog given the proclivity for some people to want to abuse their anonymity. If some are signing up with multiple names I believe that will level off quickly. But I suspect Kate will drop the registration soon anyway. She seems pretty committed to have total anonymity on her blog.

    She might want to post her expectations for blog behavior and rely on the good graces of people to comply. It couldn't hurt.

  5. So far he is:
    Floyd Thursby

    What a headcase.

  6. Thank you Ralph. How much do you charge for palm and crystal ball readings?