Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello from the Educate Our State Team: We need your help today: The "Let Us Vote Campaign" campaign to save public education funding needs your voice, now! Please join us and send an email letter to your legislators telling them that we, the citizens of California, want the right to vote in a special election to extend current taxes that would avoid devastating budget cuts to education. Currently, several legislators are blocking this election from taking place! Take action today! Our kids and our schools cannot sustain losing an additional $5 billion in budget cuts! Click here to send an email! Let Us Vote Campaign

The Legislature needs to hear from us by February 28th, prior to the critical vote on March 1st. It takes only two minutes and a few clicks to send our prewritten email letter – it's easy, we promise!

Background Information: K-12 Public Education has NOT been "spared" in the 2011 budget. In short, the Governor's preliminary budget is contingent on revenue derived from the extension of current temporary taxes which would otherwise expire on July 1, 2011. Without these tax extensions, our schools could lose an additional $5 billion in funding or $900/student. As of today, the legislature has not agreed to allow the people of California the right to vote on the tax extensions that are set to expire July 1st. A two-thirds vote of the legislature is required to bring the vote to the people and we are 5 votes short! We are asking that you join us and send an email letter to your legislators today. Without your support, we may not get the chance to preserve even the minimal funding our schools have today. Send our prewritten letter.

Thank you for joining the "Let Us Vote!" campaign and letting your voice be heard!

For more information about Educate Our State, a list of our partner organizations and our efforts to unite the voices of Californians in support of K-12 public education and demand real change visit the Educate Our State website at

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  1. Kate,

    Does anyone have insight to the new proposed state legislation to tax soda to fund public education? Saw a news blurb this morning about it but missed the details. Estimated to raise nearly $2B.

    Anyway, we can gather support on the SF K files?