Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reminder--edMatch at Patxi's First Wednesday Every Month--Reminder

It's edMatch Day again at Patxi's Pizza this Wed, March 2.  Remember at least 10% of your purchase at Patxi's on Wed, March 2 goes to support every public school in San Francisco!

Here are a few ideas to make your Patxi's experience superb: 

1.  Order before you arrive at the restaurant.  
Call the Patxi's location you are dining at 20 minutes prior to your arrival and order your pizza.  When you arrive, your pizza will almost be ready to be served!

2.  Order takeout.
Patxi's delivers!  Who wants to cook on a Wednesday night anyway?

3.  Order a half-baked pizza in advance.
Throw a Patxi's Pizza in the freezer or refrigerator and finish cooking it at home at your convenience.  You can order your half baked pizza on Tues for pickup on Wed and edMatch receives it's percentage of purchase

4.  Buy a gift card on Wed, March 2. 
edMatch will receive at least 10% of all purchases on Wed, March 2, including gift cards.  So buy a gift card on Wed and eat at Patxi's at your convenience!

5.  Eat Patxi's Pizza for lunch
Eat lunch with your friends and co-workers on Wed, March 2.  Once again, you can eat in or have Patxi's deliver to your home or workplace.  Shame the boss into buying the office lunch by convincing her she should support the public schools!


415 345-3995                               415 558-9991                               415 285-2000

Check out edMatch's new website at


  1. Please check the spelling and grammar of posts. I believe that edMatch wants its percentage of the cost.

    The fund is an interesting idea, but I think education funds in particular have a responsibility to use proper punctuation.

  2. After reading through the website I am really impressed with the work edMatch has done to complete the picture of the organization.

    I previously broached the issue of disbursement of funds through site councils. Because some schools don't have functioning school site councils this poses a problem. There are remedies and I hope that edMatch will recognize that parent involvement is a challenge at many schools, even some of the higher performing ones.

    Alamo (API 923)recently had a community meeting and not a single community member showed up outside the site council.