Thursday, February 10, 2011

Donna's Middle School List

We toured six Middle Schools, and we turned in our Middle School enrollment form today. Our child, "No. 1," insisted on filling out the form and accompanying me through the registration process. Since No. 1 participated in all the school tours, it only seemed fitting to take this journey together.

Enrollment was a breeze today!
9:13 AM arrive at EPC, 555 Franklin. No one in waiting room (Room 100). Five people in registration line. Another 3 filling out forms on a side counter. One counselor working counter, another person working the line...getting forms, moving families into language testing area, getting pens, answering questions. A father and his 3 children are moved from line directly into language testing, now only 4 people in front of us.
9:18 AM we are next in line! Nine people behind us.
9:20 AM finished! Line growing.
9:45 AM at home already and posting this note!

Lessons learned:

1) If your child is currently enrolled in a SFUSD elementary school, then you only need your identification (such as Driver's License) when you drop off your Middle School application forms. Don't need bills, etc.

2) Fill out all forms in advance!

I will post notes from the second half of our middle school tours later this week. I will share No. 1's list of schools after Feb. 18 (don't want to unduly influence anyone).

- Donna

Update: No. 1 listed all six schools on the enrollment form in the following order: Aptos, Giannini, Roosevelt, Hoover, Presidio, Lick.


  1. Donna -- I just missed you! I was there at 8:50, out the door at 9:00. It was even barer at that point -- I was the only person on the line! Like you, I will publish my list after February 18.

  2. I went in on Tuesday after lunch and it only took 20 minutes to get through the line for K enrollment.

  3. These on-the-ground reports would be more interesting if you were in combat in Afghanistan or in the middle of Cairo. But your real time reporting of standing in line at EPC is not exactly inspirational. (That's just me being a pain.)

    What would be fun would be second by second reporting of your conversation with EPC counselors.

  4. We toured six middle schools.  All of the schools are fine educational institutions, so we were happy to delegate "choice" to our child ("No. 1"), who listed all six schools on the enrollment form in the following order: Aptos, Giannini, Roosevelt, Hoover, Presidio, Lick.

    When we asked No. 1 to explain the order of the schools, we got the single word answer "Because," which, given the nature of the lottery, is probably reason enough.

     - Donna

  5. At last. the mailman arrived. And the envelope please...Aptos!!!! "No. 1" is extremely excited. Hoping to hear from friends, Donna