Friday, January 28, 2011

SFGate: Six weeks cut from school year?

This from SFGate:

State treasurer Bill Lockyer dropped a little bomb on the IGS Conference/Lookback at the 2010 Guv's race in California. "T-Bill" as he calls himself, said the state could be issuing IOUs in May -- if Gov. Brown and the Legislature don't pass a budget in a "timely way." Or as T-Bill put it:

If they are "unable to meet their self-imposed deadlines to adopt a budget in a timely way to address the current, very substantial shortfall in current accounts," Lockyer said.

Brown advisor Steve Glazer said that governor "submitted his budget and called for prompt consideration" within 60 days.

So, Legislature: Ball's in your court. Tick...tock...tick...

Count Lockyer in the camp with Brown on combining cuts with extending various taxes -- the measure that Brown wants to put on the ballot in June. If that doesn't pass, Lockyer -- when asked -- outlined a doomsday scenario Saturday that few in Sacramento want to talk about. Stuff like cutting six weeks off of the public school calendar.


  1. Are pension costs skyrocketing in the California public school system like they are in San Francisco's city government?

    I would like to know how much of school funding is now earmarked for retired teachers.

    Anybody know?

  2. That's completely immaterial to the current crisis. Parents of children in California public schools should focus on passing Gov. Brown's proposed tax hikes and extensions in a special election in June.