Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paxti's edMatch night was a success!

Dear Friends:

Last week I emailed you about our first edMatch fundraising event with Patxi’s Restaurants. I want to thank you for making it a HUGE success! Despite the fact that it was only Wednesday, Patxi’s staffed up as if it was a Saturday – and even that wasn’t enough to satisfy the demand from the edMatch crowds. Lines were out the door, gift cards sold out, take-out orders were backed up, even the dishes could not get washed and set fast enough. It just goes to show how passionately we support our City’s public schools.

With all three restaurants packed from lunch through dinner, Patxi’s sales were 30% higher than average! It was such a success, we are thrilled to announce monthly edMatch days at Patxis throughout 2011, with proceeds benefiting our San Francisco public schools.

Here’s what Bill Freeman, CEO of Patxi’s had to say about our event:

“I have to say edMatch is a very impressive organization. You guys really got the troops out and it was a huge success…We are thrilled with the results! The people who visited our locations last night experienced great food, service, value and felt that their meal meant something, not to mention it is great for employee moral. I wish everything in life created a circle like this!”

Best of all, more businesses have approached us about similar events!

Please consider supporting edMatch on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (@edMatch), so that we can stay in touch with you as our organization grows and we have more events to benefit our SF public schools. We also have plenty of opportunities for you or your company to get involved, so feel free to visit our website and stay in touch with us that way:

Thank you again for your support!

All best,

Todd David


  1. Edmatch's mission is no doubt a worthy one. The developers of Edmatch should be commended for the work they have done to get it off the ground, though I am concerned that they may have gotten a bit ahead of themselves. There are many unanswered questions regarding use and distribution of the donations.

    The other day I spoke with Terry Bergeson, the new ED of SF school Alliance, about EdMatch's intention to use site councils as its distribution mechanism. (SFSA is working collaboratively with EdMatch.) I know for a fact that too many of these councils are dysfunctional or altogether nonfunctional, particularly so in schools that most need the funding. In many of these cases handing donations to SSCs might be no different than giving it directly to the principal to use without any formal community input at all. How EdMatch decides to distribute donated matching funds is essential to success of the program.

    Another question is what parameters, if any, will be given to school sites regarding the potential uses of the funding? Will they hire new teachers, use it for supplies, program development? Would hires be district employees and so forth? Proper distribution and use are two key components that must be carefully considered if students are to get the maximum benefit from donated dollars.

    There are many questions and, as yet, few answers have been made available to the public. Hopefully Edmatch will nail down some of these key issues and provide clarification to the public when it gets its website up and running in the coming weeks.

    Another potential concern is the access to school google groups. Discretion needs to be employed when soliciting donations through personal email, especially when other may have been denied similar access. Some district leaders have lined up to assist EdMatch in their fundraising and use of listserves. Using personal email is a valuable but intrusive tool that should not undermine the trust of those that provided their addresses for school related correspondence. The inability to reply or get any further information is a concern, especially when the solicitor is asking for money.

    I have raised some concerns, but I want to stress that EdMatch arrives in our San Francisco community as a gift that we should all support. In these times of shrinking budgets with little light at the end of the tunnel, an organization like Edmatch should be met with open arms.

  2. Thanks, EdMatch, well done.
    Thanks, Paxti's, much appreciated.
    Thanks to all who went to Paxti's for the event.

    (Do not let troll use this forum to alientate Edmatch and companies like Paxti's against giving money to our schools.)

  3. The concerns of Don are nothing out of the ordinary. If I donate I want to know how the money will be used. What's wrong with that?

    Three years ago we changed from one elementary school to another after we moved. There was no functioning school council at the first school. How would EdMatch get the community support and input at a school like that?

    Don should be commended for broaching these issues, not insulted.

  4. I look forward to a website with answers to these questions. Good luck Edmatch.

  5. Why is troll sticking his nose where it doesn't belong?

  6. Good job edMatch! Thank you for fund raising for all schools.

    Thank you for pushing through the bureaucratic red tape that typically stymies such efforts. .

    Thank you for really putting Students First by keeping administrative costs at a minimum and by allowing schools to use funding as they see fit--be it crayons for art or plants for the garden. We must assume good intentions and good decisions; otherwise, we do nothing. I cannot think of anything that wastes donation dollars (or time!) faster than administrative overhead.

    Thank you for carrying the torch. Thank you for fund raising for all schools.

    PS. In answer to 11:58 PM, it sounds like you want a police state and hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead to administer these small allotments of cash at individual schools. Yeah, right. No school currently has this amount of oversight from SFUSD or other external body on the use of their fund-raising dollars. You are demanding the exception, rather than the rule. And a costly, administrative rule at that.

    PPS In answer to 10:26 AM who asked, "If I donate I want to know how the money will be used. What's wrong with that?" Well, for starters, YOU are not making a donation. You are buying a pizza at fair market price. Paxti is donating proceeds from the sale to edMatch. Apparently, Paxti is satisfied that edMatch (and the schools) will do right by the donation; otherwise, they wouldn't fork over the dough (no pun intended).

  7. 1:42,

    I already communicated my concerns to a member of EdMatch. She understood them and thought they were valid as did Dr. Bergeson. No one is proposing some expensive administrative oversight. That is just made up hysteria on your part.

    The quickest way to pour money down a hole is to have no accountability for it. That issue is EdMatch's to solve or not. I am only saying that fundraising is one thing, spending another.

    EdMatch is committed, as I understand it, to community participation in both the fundraising and spending sides. It will take some consideration in getting that feedback at the schools site. Or are you proposing that the administrators spend the funding without any community feedback?

    I fought against it when Alamo used thousands of dollars in donated PTA funds at the former principal's request, to remodel the library. 3 years later the slated ADA upgrade began and the library was gutted.

    My point is we all want to avoid these kinds of wasteful uses of donated money that happen all the time. Don't you agree?

  8. 10:26 am was yet another of Don's "anonymous" posts that purport to respond to his own posts but that are just designed to give him fodder to make yet another post. As for why Don is interested in this issue, the short answer is that Don is obsessed with this blog -- and obsessed to the point that he is destroying this blog as a valid method for parents to (anonymously) debate the pros and cons of various issues. It doesn't matter what the issue is. Kate could post about the sky being blue today and Don would have a response. It is terribly sad. And I can tell that parents are giving up on posting here because he is so poisoning the discussion. And it is never going to end because he obviously has a serious mental health issue that leads him to engage in this socially destructive behavior.

  9. Don:--good reply. You didn't take the bait.

    1:42 took your suggestion for authentic community decisionmaking and translated that into a suggestion for a police state. How nutty is that? This is the reason I tell you not to stoop to their level. Reasonable people can decide what is sensible and what are histrionics.

    See the troll at 1:59.

  10. And everyone who doesn't agree has a mental problem as illustrated by 3:52. LOL

  11. And everyone who doesn't agree has a mental problem as illustrated by 3:52. LOL

  12. I don't know what's transpired in the past on this blog. What I know at present is that two considered opinion posts were put up by Don Krause and attacks were subsequently posted against him. Those attacks don't make much sense IMHO including the standard "he's a mental case" type retort. Posting anonymously is fine as long as it is not a cloak for personal warfare.

  13. Give them your money and, in return, edMatch will tell you nothing about what they plan to do with it other than "we're givin it to schools". That sounds fair.

  14. I also want to thank edMatch for its great effort. If any of you are reading this maybe you could explain what your goals are and give us some specifics.

    I have another question not already raised. You are getting corporate sponsors to match the donations from the school communities. Right? If so what are the pizza fundraisers for and how do they fit into it?

  15. Cannon,

    Let's not presume edMatch is withholding information as you imply. Let's assume they are reaching out to the public and working out the details simultaneously. These are givers not takers.

  16. For goodness sake -- everything he gets involved with he alienates everybody.

    Keep him off your school's fundraising committee! Can you imagine?

  17. Yes, Blacklist Don. Like they did with suspected communists in the 50's. My, my times have changed!

  18. Inane hyperbole, 6:38 (a.k.a. TROLL)

    This is a blog, there are no first amendment rights here, and no "inalienable right" to serve on school fundraising committees.

  19. you can say whatever you want ...that doesn't mean you should say whatever you want...most people exert a little self control... they don't hang their emotions on their sleeves...

  20. This isn't your normal situation, Mam. You've entered the SF Kfiles.

  21. I'm a troll man - if you say so, baby

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    And I make it better, each and every day
    So honey, said don't you fret
    'Cause you ain't seen nothing yet

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  22. OMG. Enough already. Please block his IP address, at least for a few months. Block mine too, if you want to, I don't care.

    A person cannot even post a great thread about a successful fundraising event here anymore, without it turning into yet another vehicle for his paranoid tirades about evil principals and administrators.

  23. All I know is that we helped Patxi's. How much was raised for EdMatch, how much of that will go to pay their costs and how much will be set-aside for the schools.

  24. 100% of money earned from Patxis will be donated back to schools. They are looking for foundations to support operational costs. All work right now is on a volunteer basis. No money is going back to schools until the fundraising goal is reached -- $6 million, which matches what parents raised in 2009-2010. See the ever expanding website: for continued updates, more information. All their contact information is on there too.

  25. 6:41
    It's just one troll, ignore him.

    Parents appreciate the volunteer work your group is doing.

  26. Last I checked I'm not Don- not that there's anything wrong with being Don.

  27. Only the blog owner knows for sure, but I think you are one of many sockpuppets.

  28. There's a boogie man and his name is Don.

  29. Why all the animus towards Don? He says he's all for edMatch. That he pointed out a possible problem with the parent participation doesn't warrant this nastiness. I though he was trying to help with his comments.

    I checked out the website someone referenced. It's a bit scant. That could use some work.

  30. Every chance he gets, he mentions his name and tries to make himself the subject. Sad.

  31. 7:50; Every chance you get you mention him. I have an idea. Say something about Edmatch or is your only interest on this blog to burn him? Believe me, you are as responsible as any for driving people off the blog. You're making a fool of yourself and only your sockpuppets think different.

  32. what kind of person wants to insult other people's volunteer efforts for putting on a pizza sale fundraiser?

  33. I made very clear that I support edMatch. If they want me to volunteer I will. No one is insulting other people's efforts for putting on a pizza fundraiser. This kind of witless response to my comments is the same reason one of the latest threads on SFSchools is entitled "Before Moggy Goes Off".

    She takes every opportunity to criticize my efforts to make SFUSD more community oriented and yet she posts notices on SF Schools to alert parents to their rights to complain about special ed compliance issues. It is OK for her to agitate for change just as long as others don't do it. Well I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander, you bleedin' hypocrite!

  34. " Re: Inside look into standardized test scoring - who does it and how"

    smells like sock puppets ...."

    from SF Schools - none other than the inscrutable Miss M.

    She lives in a universe inhabited by sockpuppets.

    She loves to talk about bullies a lot and treats people like dirt.

    She lectures other about bullying and just look at her behavior here...

  35. Wow. He is obsessed, isn't he?

    This from the person who wrote about sneaking up on one of the Board of Ed Commissioners and trying to cut off her pony tail, after making sure she was drunk. Beyond creepy.

    There is a difference between advocating and harassing, but he is unable to discern the difference. Lengthy, venomous emails to School District employees attacking them and calling them cowards and communists will not bring about changes in the system. Acting in such a way that causes school district staff to have you escorted out of 555 Franklin will not help to bring about the changes that need to be made. Behavior like that sets back parent advocacy, it does not advance it.

    The exchange he mentions from the sfschools yahoo group "Before Moggy Goes Off" was a polite discussion, as anyone reading that thread could clearly see.

    He is not allowed to post on sfschools anymore, after a series of disturbing things he did. SfSchools is now very calm and civilized, in his absence.

    For all those wishing to discuss schools in San Francisco, without having to wade through all the sockpuppeting and trolling, join the sfschools yahoo group by emailing:

  36. More lies and out of context BS from the witch. If you really want to have fun google moggymania.

  37. Once a person joins sfschools, they can read the whole sockpuppeting saga for themselves, in context, and come to their own conclusions.
    Search under: "sockpuppet".

    The author of "MoggyMania" is not the same person as the sfschools Moggy.
    (Some people's research skills are laughable.)

  38. Hey, I tried to search under "sockpuppet", that didn't come up with much.
    Then I tried: "sock puppet" (two words) and that came up with lots of things.

  39. Who cares? We know you don't like Don. If a person wanted to make me look bad I'm sure it could be done. Besides, what have you ever added to this blog? Your repetitive sock puppet comments are sock puppets of yourself.

    Will this quest result in Don leaving? I don't think so. It hasn't yielded that result so far. I think you see that. Which leads me to believe that you enjoy it more than anything else.

  40. I'd like to hear from edMatch. I read the website I can't say there's much to speak of. They want to raise money and jumpstart parent involvement. Great. How they going to do that? Too bad we can't get Todd to answer these questions or give us some insight.

  41. How much will Patxi's give to edMatch? I am confused. I thought they are giving every school money based upon the number of kids in the school, not based on how much they've raised. EdMatch needs to do a much better job explaining things. And when do they hope to raise the $6m. Seems like there are some edMatch trolls on this site too.

  42. It's a shame they won't come on to clarify. Don and others raised valid questions. Or are we to donate hard earn dollars for luck and a promise?

  43. Who's to say they read this forum? I'll bet they would reply if they were aware of this conversation. That anyone would donate with so little information is a little surprising.

  44. I'm sure he would happily discuss it on the sfschools or pps yahoo groups, but not here, in Troll Central.
    The last 5 posts were most likely all written by the same destructive troll.

  45. If they do please copy it here.

  46. In an anonymous world the writer takes back seat to the idea. The issue here is not whether I am the author of various anonymous comments. Thinking people will decide for themselves whether or not a comment is valid for consideration or not - whether an idea stands on its won regardless of the author.

    She is trying to play the nasty little game of assigning a stigma to an idea. If something is true it is true regardless of who said it.

    Disregard hate and the political use of defamation. Embrace the free flow of ideas.

  47. Correction - stand on its own, not won.

  48. More lies and out of context BS from the witch. If you really want to have fun google moggymania

    Sounds like the real vindictive Don is coming out. His mask of advocacy is coming off!

    Fact: Escorted out of 555 Franklin. Why does it only happen to Don?

    Fact: Complains about Alamo upgrading library? Only because school principal initiated it. Who benefits? Only the kids. What has Don done for Alamo? Absolutely nothing but complain! Don hates Principals and SFUSD administrators? Well documented!

    Fact: Don "leaves" Students First? You don't really want to know what happened!

    Fact: If something is true, something is true!

    Question: While everyone in every organization around the City is doing something to benefit our children, has anyone ever asked what Don has ever done, other than blog about what's wrong with everyone else of course.

    Three words to Don: Do Something Productive!

  49. I attended an SSC meeting a couples month ago. The council was meeting to upgrade the academic plan with newly formed criterion, what's being called BSC 2.0. There were many questions about the new template or requirements and Don's name came up as the person who had pressured the district to make plans more transparent and user friendly or something to that effect. Whether they actually are more transparent I couldn't say. Nor could I say if the reference to Don was even correct. But that's what was said.

  50. 2:32 is Don. Again.

  51. Your coven must have the day off.

    With facts like yours fiction is the new reality.

    All been answered before. Keep spinning. Maybe you'll burn some calories.

  52. Ya, das iz very interesting. She denies writing zi blog. Ya, very interesting.

  53. Now I see what he is like and what you all are writing about.

  54. He's the only one in the history of sfschools (11 years) who has been permanently banned from posting messages. That, and his hostility here, (aimed at women, usually) should give you an idea about how extremely unpleasant and destructive he is.

  55. Amen to that. Don's just another hater. Getting kicked out of 555 Franklin, banned from sfschools, stirring up $#@t on blogs....hmmm.. I think I sense a pattern here.

  56. What a waste of time. Take your personal issues off line and stop instructing everyone on the proper behavior.

  57. People see what they want to see. When you look at these nasty little jabs, the truth is something entirely different. But go ahead and stick your pins in if that's how you get your kicks.