Saturday, January 8, 2011

Enjoy Patxi's Pizza on Jan.12 and Support Our Schools!

Local public school parents have forged a new non-profit enterprise called edMatch ( Corporations and private philanthropists are asked to "match" funds raised in San Francisco's public schools, then edMatch will distribute the matching funds to all the city's schools on a per-student basis.

As the organization’s first city-wide fundraiser, Patxi’s Chicago Pizza will be donating a percentage of their proceeds from all pizzas purchased on January 12, 2011.

When: Wednesday, January 12

Where: All Patxi’s Chicago Pizza locations



  1. who are these parents and how will the money get to the schools?

  2. This is great! We plan to dine at Paxtis on Jan. 12! Thank you Paxtis for supporting our schools!

  3. I think this post misses the forest for the trees. Yes, the first fundraiser is at Patxi's Pizza, but the real news here is EdMatch. This is how my kid's PTA describes it: This organization (EdMatch) has been "in development" for a
    while. It has officially
    launched. As many know, there is no one entity in SF responsible for raising private funds for City schools. This new organization, created by parents, will work closely
    with the district. However, the money it raises will not go to the district but rather directly to school site councils. The concept is that edMatch will
    strive to get foundations and individual donors to "match" the funds that are raised at each school site, and those dollars will all be contributed to a "pool" of funds. (So, if we raised $XK at our school, which of course we would keep, they would try to find donors willing to match our $XK to put in the "pooled" fund.) Then, at the end of the year, the funds in the matching pool would be distributed to ALL schools in the district based upon the number of pupils in
    the school. It's supposed to be a "short term" solution while many also work towards systems change at the district and state level.

  4. I think EdMatch sounds great, but what happens when, say, a PTA comes knocking at Whole Foods' door for $$$ for a school-specific fundraiser, and Whole Foods says it is only giving to EdMatch, because EdMatch is city-wide?

  5. 4:22 - well, that stuff happens. It's Whole Foods choice to do that if it aligns with its giving priorities (i.e. district vs. an individual school.)

    I applaud the EdMatch effort - I just wonder if we'll really ever see any actual $$ going back to schools. Would love more real info on success in their own fundraising -if any.

  6. I thought the money was going back to PTAs - is it SSCs?