Friday, January 7, 2011

Designing K-8 Pathways: A New Way to Approach Middle School

The following information was posted on the SFUSD website ( )

The San Francisco Unified School District is refining a plan to develop K-8 school pathways, which will be implemented in time for the 2012-2013 school year. The K-8 pathways will have assignment patterns where certain elementary schools will feed into specific middle schools. More importantly, these pathways will create continuity for academic programs, support positive school climates, and build a bridge from elementary to middle school.

Timeline for Change

The Board of Education aims to adopt a new system for middle school assignment by late May 2011. New systems will be developed and put in place for the 2012-2013 school year, affecting students who are currently in the fourth grade.

Community Engagement to Shape the New Plan

During February and March 2011, SFUSD staff and partner organizations will hold community forums across the city about the K-8 school pathways. Forums will be conducted at all middle schools to give families, students, and community members a chance to hear more about the new K-8 pathways.

The goals for community engagement are to:

  • Inform the community about plans for creating K-8 Pathways
  • Help shape the new systems through community discussions
  • Increase middle school quality for all students
  • Strengthen implementation of the new student assignment system

How to Participate

  • Attend a community forum! A schedule for the forums will be posted on the district’s website under the Parents tab.
  • Complete our online survey! If you can’t attend a forum, let us know what you think by completing our survey, which will be available soon.

To Learn More

  • Follow the Board of Education’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Student Assignment. The committee meets monthly - the schedule will be posted on the district’s website.
  • You can also visit the websites for the Parent Advisory Council at and Parents for Public Schools-SF at to learn more about the process.



  1. It's basically a done deal at this point. Our only option really is to vote out current BOE members at the next election and try again with a new BOE

  2. So what is the plan? As a parent getting ready to decide to list K-5 or K-8 schools the feeder patterns are important to me. This is annoying.

  3. Let's just tube the feeder program. It is fundamentally flawed because middle schools are so varied in their offerings. Instead let's keep the new system -- preferences for siblings and ctip 1 folks -- pure luck for the rest of us!

  4. I agree with 8:32. Since parents have traditionally gotten their 1st MS choice (assuming it wasn't Presidio) in the lottery, the only advantages to the proposed system are 1) kids in Alamo, Argonne etc are guaranteed to get into Presidio (an advantage for those kids but a disadvantage for those in other schools who would have chosen Presidio 1st), and 2) busing costs can be reduced (which could still be the case with the current SED).