Monday, December 6, 2010

Tour Notes: SF K Files bloggers (and readers) review schools

The SF K Files' team of crackerjack bloggers have been touring schools and writing up their thoughts in the new tour notes section of the site.

Here's a rundown of schools with recent tour notes--please feel free to jump into the discussion and comment on notes and leave impressions of your own if you toured the school:

Marin Country Day:




John Yehal Chin:

Claire Lilienthal:

Rosa Parks:


Zion Luthern:




Spring Valley:

Creative Arts Charter:

Please post your reviews of schools you've toured in tour notes. Simply search for the school in the database, then type up your impressions.


  1. Parents for Public Schools-SF is having an enrollment workshop from 6:30-8:00pm tonight (Dec. 6) at the Sunset Library Branch, 1305 18th Ave. @ Irving St.

    Here is what you can expect at the workshop:

    • Meet parents from public school.
    • Learn about the NEW Public School Enrollment process.
    • Get tips on key information and resources

    Hope to see you there!

    Lisa Borah-Geller
    (New Traditions parent)

  2. In addition to the list above, I have posted tours of Gateway and Edison's middle school offerings. For some reason, I could not upload the tours in the slot for tours, so I put them in the "additional comments" sections in the database.

  3. In addition to public schools, I'd like to see more independent schools reviewed. Thank you for posting on Marin Country Day School.

  4. Glen Park, anyone? I was hoping there would be more buzz about this school with the new system, but that doesn't seem to be happening.

  5. Marcia Brady reviewed Glen Park last year.