Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holidays from Helga

I want to acknowledge my K search support group: Hugo’s classmates’ moms. Their attendance boundaries vary from mine (Sutro): McKinley, Juniper Serra, Peabody, McCoppin, Jefferson and Stevenson so together we have been able to cover a wide range of schools. We have shared our K tour experiences. Based on my colleague Rowena Ravenclaw’s recommendations, I toured Sherman and Peabody. (We had toured Alamo and Claire Lilienthal together as well.)

I also want to acknowledge the SFUSD teachers (Alamo and Argonne), who are also parents, that agreed to answer my questions. They love their respective schools. I asked what other schools they would suggest for Hugo’s interests in science. Accordingly, I added Dianne Feinstein and Sunset, which are along Godric's commute, to my tour list.

Lastly I want to acknowledge fellow parents. I added Lafayette to my tour strategy because a parent at the PPS-SF Marin Day Schools / Laurel Heights event raved about the school’s PTA and chose Lafayette over a prestigious private school. Also another parent (at Claire Lilienthal tour) talked about how the students at Lafayette felt comfortable with Principal Ruby Brown and how the Principal knew each child’s name.

All of these groups help me expand my initial tour list.

I’m signing off until after the New Year ... Happy Holidays!



  1. This is June from last year. Just want to put in another great word for Lafayette. We can not imagine ourselves anywhere else, and are so happy that after all the stress we eventually got in (in Round 2 after going 0/7). From day one it has felt like home for us and our daughter comes home every day with exciting stories of everything she has learned and done. Glad to are going to tour, and I hope to perhaps see you at a PTA meeting or on the playground next fall!!!

  2. June from next yearDecember 13, 2010 at 7:35 PM

    Will you be staying at Hogwarts for the holidays?

  3. Ignore the troll. I know it is hard to do, when he posts constantly on every thread, but until his IP address is blocked, or the blog starts to be moderated somewhat, all we can do is ignore it.