Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot topic: Private school tours

This from a reader:
Any private school tours you can publish?

What happened to the people that were touring and were supposed to write about them?

Applications are due this month. Would love to hear from touring parents.


  1. See a blog entry from yesterday, where one of the bloggers is asking about this very question.

  2. Hmmm, maybe because this is a liberal city and private schools have been the thing which keeps schools in SF segregated nearly 60 years after Brown v. Topeka, by class and race. I'm glad no one's posted, most private schools lie about public schools when in reality, about half of public schools are as good as any of the private schools. St. Cecilia's is statistically no better than Hoover, Star of the Sea no better than Presidio, and Lowell thrashes any private school in SAT average. Not only that, but it's not in keeping with SF, you're not a real liberal but a phony limousine liberal if you send your kids to private school. It hurts our sense of community and isolates poor children. It's a very Republican idea that rich kids should go to school segregated from poor ones, and the marketers at these schools often lie or don't allow comparisons which show test scores no better than the quality public schols.