Monday, November 22, 2010

Hot topic: Child Development Centers and Sherman

This from a reader:
I am interested if anyone knows about the 2 CDCs now feeding Sherman?


  1. I believe Tulele Elk is one of them:

    I have heard only good things about it.

  2. If 2 CDCs are feeding Sherman, how many spots will be left for the neighborhood kids?

  3. My understanding of the policy is that not all students in the Pre-K CDC program get a spot, but that the Pre-K student must (in addition to attending the Pre-K program) live in the attendance area. This gives the Pre-K group a priority to get into Sherman before CTIP1 and attendance area students who do not attend the feeder Pre-K.

  4. In my 4 years of having children in a CDC, not all kids apply for the same schools for kinder. Many choose schools closer to their homes or closer to work while other choose private. For example, in a class of 30, only about 10 are of Kinder age. Of those 10, only about half apply to the area school. To answer your question, Yes, there are still plenty of spots available for neighborhood families who are not at a CDC. BTW, Tule Elk is awesome and we live in the neighborhood AND are at Sherman currently.