Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update your school info in the SF K Files database

If you haven't already noticed, the SF K Files now has a school database.

You can access it in the upper-left hand corner of the site, and here.

The database allows you to look up specific schools and find a collection of blog posts and school reviews all in one places. It should make the site easier to use and help organize information.

We're still testing and perfecting the database but it's now far enough along for readers to start contributing to it.

We're hoping that SF K Files readers can help keep the information current. The database is a wiki of sorts, and functions similarly to Wikipedia.

Please look up your school in the database and make sure the information is current. If you have a new principal, you should be able to easily change this. If your tour times have changes, it's easy to fix. Simply go to your school page, and then in upper right hand corner click on "Edit School Info."

The database is still password protected. The password is pan*cake.

If you have questions or difficulties, please email



  1. Can you please put up front somewhere which schools need reviews? You will probably get some people to write reviews that wouldn't otherwise do it.

  2. Also, the lists don't appear complete for the private schools. There appears to be schools missing.

  3. You can add a school to the's a wiki, like Wikipedia. The community builds the information database.