Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SFUSD nutrition committee update

SFUSD school meals on CNN:

And for those who want to join the effort towards better school food, the Student Nutrition and Physical Activity committee will meet on Thursday October 7th, 3:30-5pm in the board room at 555 Franklin Street. Members of the public are welcome to attend.


  1. But oh we have such a long way to go. I've noticed that the predominant color of SFUSD lunches is beige with hints of orange. My kid will eat it once or twice a month, but she usually refuses and thinks most of it is gross and too hot.

    Check out this video about what French kids get:;contentBody/

    It's somewhat disheartening when you consider what a lousy food culture we have.

  2. the middle and high school choices are better, with sandwiches, soups, salad bars, and fresh hot meals in addition to the wrapped and heated stuff.

  3. Parents in France pay $5-6 for their school lunch and the government picks up the cost for anyone who comes up short. Our governemnt pays $2.74 for a school lunch, and that has to include the very high cost of labor. You get what you pay for.