Monday, September 13, 2010

SFUSD nutrition committee meeting

Do you want to help improve school food? The SFUSD student nutrition and physical activity committee has been doing just that since 2003; it is a slow upward battle, but real progress has been made every year. One of the subcommittees, called the school food subcommittee, focuses just on the food (as opposed to free meal applications, working towards a bond for a central kitchen, improving customer service, the eternal search for more funding, and other topics addressed at the larger committee meetings). This is the best place for parents who are new to the issue to get information, have their questions answered, and join the fight.

The school food subcommittee will meet for the fist time this school year on Wednesday September 15th, 4-5pm at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, 4235 19th Street (just west of Castro Street near Collingwood); a sign will be posted on the office door listing the room number. All are welcome to attend. Please join us and learn about how despite criminally low funding for school meals and ridiculous, but mandatory, USDA regulations, it is still possible to improve the quality of the food our children are offered at school. Be part of the solution; get informed, get involved, and help nourish a healthier generation of students.

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  1. Just want to say that the new POS system and super choice menu incl salad bar seems to be working well at middle and high school levels. Thanks to the committee for making all this happen.