Sunday, August 22, 2010

Take the survey: Offer feedback on the new assignment process

The district has put out a survey to get feedback on the new school assignment process that is being put in place. For all those on their way to middle school soon, it might be worth taking and making sure your questions/comments are heard.

http://www.surveymo s/VC7TQGX

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  1. I'll give some feedback about the SAS as it relates to SFKiles.

    There seems to quite a lot of negative sentiment for it on this blog. And even though Rachel supported and voted for the new SAS she is held in high regard on SF Kiles and many of her articles are posted here. So what gives?

    I think people like her as an individual and appreciate her informative writings. And therefore they overlook her voting record. At least this is likely the case with those that find great fault with the SAS. But then how can you not?