Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Share your good news stories with The SF K Files

Awhile back an SF K Files reader and parent of a student at Miraloma sent me an email sharing a warm and fuzzy story about attending an SFUSD music concert. Students attending schools around the city performed, and this parent was impressed.

She wrote to me:
At a time when the news is often about what our schools our lacking, I wanted to share some good news happening every day in San Francisco public schools – the elementary instrumental music program that serves more than 5,000 4th and 5th graders in SFUSD.

I was delighted and proud last weekend to attend the annual SFUSD citywide 4th/5th grade music concert at Lincoln High School. This is the second year my daughter performed as a budding flute player.

Over 800 musicians were selected to perform from among all SFUSD elementary schools. First year trumpets, clarinets and flutists performed in groups, followed by first year violas. Deputy Superintendent Richard Carranza was in attendance, and wore his own beautiful black velvet hat to play a mariachi tune with the first year violins! The guy has talent! (read more)
I ended up sharing the email on the K Files with the headline: Good news: SFUSD music program rocks!

I'd like to share more good news about our schools--public, private, and parochial. We so often focus on the negative and I'd love readers with kids at local schools to hone in on what's special and wonderful about their schools. Maybe it's your school's vegetable garden or the computer teacher or a new play structure. Let's share our successes.

Please keep your good news stories under 500 words and focused on something specific. Photographs are welcome. Send your good news to



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